Live Training

We organized seminars and workshops related to the topics of internet marketing, internet business, entrepreneurship and making money online. Other than that, Patric Chan is also available for speaking engagements for seminars and conferences.

Each year, our company conducts live training and workshops on various internet marketing subjects. In the past, Patric has taught on the subject of product creation, niche marketing, affiliate marketing, list building and continuity program with many success stories and testimonials. The workshops are normally conducted over 2 or 3 days and covers the A-Z of internet marketing where you’ll learn the strategies based on Patric’s real life experiences with making money online. The workshops are conducted in Malaysia and Singapore but at this moment, we do not have any fixed dates for when we’ll be conducting the next training or the details of the topic.

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Previous Training includes:

The List Profit Workshop

The ultimate secret of making money online is by having a mailing list of subscribers. In the 2-day List Profit Workshop, Patric teaches the attendees the exact system to build a mailing list and making money with it through list marketing, in almost any niche markets. This workshop is suitable regardless of whether you’re planning to promote your own products or become an affiliate marketer. The attendees will also get our special software to create professional webpages easily with no technical experience and another software to promote their webpage.

The Lifestyle System Program

The Lifestyle System is exactly what the name of the program implies  to create the internet lifestyle. The workshop purely focuses on how to make money online by using a particular platform. This program is IDEAL for those who don’t have their own products, including newbies to understand quickly. It is structured to be step-by-step, eliminating as many variables as possible so that the attendees only need to focus on the system.

The Info-Preneuring Bootcamp

The Info-Preneuring Bootcamp is a 3-day jointly conducted program by Robert G. Allen and Patric Chan. This is unlike any other workshop on the topic of information marketing because it’s a “hands on” training program based on Robert’s experience of selling millions of copies of books and making over a billion with information and Patric’s proven online promotion strategies. Furthermore, it reveals a system to get the attendees started with the goal of making money during the 3 days workshop itself.

The VRE Flipper Workshop

The VRE Flipper Workshop is a 3-day, hands-on class where the attendees learn how to create sites to be “flipped” for profit, as like real estate business. Not only does the training teaches how to do this, it also covers the strategies on how to outsource the task so that the business can be automated as much as possible. A portion of domain flipping (buying and selling domains) is covered during the 3 days.

The Internet Business LIVE 2

The seminar attracted more 200 attendees in each country of Malaysia and Singapore. During the seminar, Patric Chan and Ewen Chia will demonstrate how you can start an internet business in less than 48 hours with their combined 20 years of experience in marketing online.

Speaking Engagement

Patric Chan is available for engagement as a speaker on the topic of internet marketing, entrepreneurship and online business around the world. He has been invited to speak in 11 countries including world-class events and shares the stage with other top internet marketing gurus and millionaires.

He has spoken for events organized by Asia’s largest seminar company, Success Resources and Australia’s public listed company, EmpowerNet.

The internet marketing seminars that Patric has spoken for include Unleash Your Marketing Genius, Internet Wealth Code, World Internet Summit, Internet Millionaire Incubator, Marketing Madness, Global Internet Summit and many more. Other than that, Patric also spoke at business conferences like the Asia Women Business Power Conference where the speakers are from corporations like Google, Lenovo and so on.

Patric is also open to speak for education organizations like Universities and non-profit organizations at no cost.

If you’re interested to engage Patric to speak at your event, seminar or conference, kindly send the details to

Organizing Seminars Or Workshops For Other Speakers

If you are a speaker or internet marketer with proven credibility and would like to work with Patric to promote your seminar/workshop, you may contact us for further discussion. Patric has jointly promoted programs with Stephen Pierce, Simon Leung, Fabian Lim, Robert G. Allen, Ewen Chia and Jo Han Mok. Kindly contact us at