We have several programs available for individuals and entrepreneurs to get started with internet marketing and how to promote their websites with proven strategies. Thousands have learn from our courses and they have been endorsed by well-known internet marketing experts and millionaires from all around the world.

The Chan Do Internet Success System

This is our best-selling program that shows you step-by-step how to make money online by creating information products. It’s updated with over 7 HOURS of training that will show you the quickest way to have your own internet business today.

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The Chan Do Chartered Membership

Since 2007, Patric has been running his Chan Do Chartered Membership that provides monthly internet marketing training. The training includes case study video training, “specialized” audio training, consultation session and others.

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The FB App Secrets System

There’s a huge opportunity to make money with Facebook apps today – by giving them away for free and promote offers inside the apps. This can be very effective (and easy) because you don’t need to sell them and secondly, you’ll just need to develop simple apps that can even be created within hours! FB App Secrets System also includes the software to help you create simple Facebook apps.

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The SEO Conspiracy Course

The SEO Conspiracy comprises of 5 powerful video modules, all recorded by Patric personally. In it, he shares his strategies and secrets of getting ranked on Google’s page #1 for competitive keywords. The main differentiation of this course than any other SEO courses out there is it’s supported with case studies of real success and proof. Also, it has also been simplified so that any ordinary person without search engine experience can understand it easily.

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The 6-Week Affiliate Marketing Coaching Program

With more than 20 modules, this is one of the most comprehensive affiliate marketing coaching program ever developed. It teaches entrepreneurs how to make money online without creating their own products and use marketing methods like blogging, list marketing, viral marketing and so on. However, this coaching program is not available all the time and is only open when there are spots available.

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Operation Quick Money Program

Operation Quick Money Program is a 6-week, step-by-step coaching program that reveals the system on how to make money online without a product, a mailing list or any marketing experience.  You’ll learn how to create an automated system of “micro” sites by using a proprietary “in-house” software.

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