Our company provides online marketing solutions for companies and businesses that would like to leverage on the internet for their marketing campaigns. Our focus is to drive targeted visitors to our client’s websites and then converting those visitors into profits with the use of different marketing channels.

The internet has proven itself to be an extremely effective platform and the fastest growing channel for marketing and many companies recognize this fact. Yet, their main concern is that their websites incur additional costs but still fail to generate sufficient revenue for business growth.

That is why it is absolutely vital to know exactly how to promote online or these companies will end up spending unnecessary amounts of time and money without reaping positive results.

This is where our company’s Business Solutions Division comes in. Our world class internet marketing strategies are based on proven results that we’ve generated time and time again for many businesses.

Our services include :

  • Integrated Marketing Solutions customized for individual companies to grow their business online
  • Planning and Optimizing websites to get ranked on
  • Generating Free Traffic from Web 2.0 websites by using Social Media Marketing
  • Landing Pages to test your product offer on the Internet

Profitable Online Marketing Solutions

The online channel of marketing your products is not something new but many businesses still maintain a traditional view of marketing. We have identified two major challenges faced by conventional businesses when it comes to marketing online -

  • Generating Targeted Visitors to your Business Website
  • Converting the Website’s Visitors into Measurable Income

Through our guerrilla marketing strategies, we are able to drive traffic to our client’s website effectively at minimum or no cost compared to the high costs of traditional advertising. Leveraging on this medium will have an impact on your return on investment (ROI) from the conversion of visitors into revenue.

Our core competency is delivering result-based strategies for our clients utilizing global standards of marketing strategies with measurable results.

1. Website Optimization

Many of today’s websites are developed without a true business objective. Even if they have one, they’re probably not getting the expected results because it requires tested conversion tactics and strategies to get optimum results. We provide Web Development that includes an overall planning of the website’s positioning, purpose, sales funnels, designs, navigation  and strategies for good conversion.

2. Traffic Strategies

Getting website visitors (traffic) is the life blood of a website. Our service includes integrating your business model with online marketing.Our proposal will recommend and implement appropriate traffic strategies for your specific business  effectively. Traffic strategies need to be customized for different industries to ensure its effectiveness and results.

3. Online Business Integration

If you have an existing business , how are you leveraging  it online to  generate more revenue for it? We provide the strategies on how to:

  • Integrate and optimize your website for your existing business
  • Customize your website into a stand-alone business model
  • Structure your business using the internet  as a powerful marketing medium

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